I discovered the world of fashion and style on my mother’s lap. Together we would spend hours browsing through the pages of fashion magazines, or roaming at the fabric market. In turn, I would then spend even more hours dreaming and drawing whole collections of clothes. My passion grew with me and when I left Paris and France at 26 year-old, it suddenly took on a global turn. Having now fed on five different countries and cultures, it became incredibly rich and inspiring to my everyday life.

From the natural elegance of Paris, the untamed Ukrainian femininity and the Japanese sophistication to the urban chic Hong-Kong and vibrant diversity of Singapore, I learned to envision style as the world’s language as much as the ultimate expression of every personality.

My personal joyride through (intense) shopping, modelling, sewing and designing led me to more inspiring encounters from Chanel fashion shows to Tokyo underground designers. Naturally, I began to help my friends to their wardrobe make-over and going on supershopping-hero missions with them to find the missing pieces that really fit and complete it. I discovered how I love to share all my style knowledge and fashion culture with them, guiding my friends to those small shops or designers that only I knew could provide the special thing that they need. Neither will I forget to help us make the most of shopping at high street brands. Naturally, the friends of my friends started to turn to me as well... and became my first clients. Practically forcing me into the job! So, I tailored myself a career plan about helping others and sharing my passion, reaching out to other women about what is much more than just about clothes.

It’s all about sharing somehow, and the feedback of you all is the best reward!