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To define your own style, you don’t have to become a fashionista. You just need to become fluent in the language of self-expression.

Your occupation, your age or the milestones you’ve reached in life, each parts of your clothing is telling others about it. My job is to help you write a bestseller about... yourself.

Why a personal stylist?

  • Rely on a expert’s unbiased advice


  • Get support to move forward in major life transitions: new job, new relationship, pregnancy etc.


  • Take better care of yourself, break free from old habits. Reinvent yourself.


  • Optimise your shopping time and never waste money on useless buys again.


  • Discover local designers and «secret» places where to find the original pieces that make all the difference.


  • Treat your friends or family to a unique, rich and useful experience.


The sight of your wardrobe makes you feel grumpy? Think you are a lost cause for style? Time to reset, get some help, and draw back a big smile on your face.

A few hours with your personal stylist, and dressing up and shopping will never be a chore again. I will teach you what to avoid and to recognise what really suits your body shape, skin tone and... in the end, makes you beautiful.

Together we’ll be raising your self-awareness and self-confidence in your choices.

Guaranteed fun and moral booster!